Frequently asked questions

Do i need a car?

It depends. The longest distance you will need to walk on the island is around 3Km. If you like walking then you don't need a means of transport at all. Otherwise the best chioce is to rent a scooter, quad, buggy or get a taxi (8€-12€).

Is there a scooter rental in Schinoussa?

Yes. There is a rental agency in Schinoussa (called Faros Bikes) where you can rent scooters, quads and buggies (limited availability). There are no cars for rental.

Is there a gas station in Schinoussa?

Yes. There is a new gas station on the island.

Is there a hospital in Schinoussa?

There is a community clinic with a doctor.

Is there a bank in Schinoussa?

There is an ATM machine (Piraeus bank) where you can withdraw money. There is no bank branch on the island.