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The Island

A few words about Schinoussa

   Schinoussa (The Island of the Sun) is one of the most beautiful small islands of the Aegean. It belongs to the Small Cyclades complex  and administratively to the Municipality of Naxos. It is close to Naxos, Irakleia, Koufonisia and Keros. The entire island is part of the program Natura 2000, as it hosts many endemic plants and is an important migratory station for many birds.

The area is approximately 9 square kilometers and has two villages, Chora and Messaria, totaling about 256 inhabitants (2011). Schinoussa owes its name to the mastic tree shrub that grows all over the island. The port (Mersini) is 1.2 km distance from the village and is considered one of the best shelters for small boats in the Aegean. Its inhabitants are involved in agriculture, farming, fishing and tourism.

The landscape has low green hills and small valleys between them, many beaches with their sand sparkling under the hot sun, making it an ideal destination in Cyclades.

   Schinoussa is an island that visitors can enjoy in every way. You can enjoy the beautiful sea, swimming in the crystal clear waters of the 18 wonderful beaches of the island. You can hike through paths around the island, attend one of the many cultural events that take place during the summer with the most famous on the 15 of August and of course taste the delicious local meals, fresh fish and Mediterranean cuisine.

The island is famous for its fava bean (1st prize at the
2012 Cycladic Gastronomy Festival "Nikolaos Tselementes" in Sifnos) as well as the excellent local meat and agricultural produce (beef, pork, goat, oil cheese, sour, kopanisti and beans) which can be found at local shops or purchased by local producers. It also produces vegetables (green beans, cucumbers, melons, tomatoes), figs, wheat and grapes.

In recent years the island has developed infrastructures that can satisfy even the most demanding guests. From Piraeus port there are frequent direct ferries to Schinoussa and there is a daily ferry route to Naxos, Irakleia, Koufonisia and Amorgos (
An ideal stopover if you tour in Small Cyclades).

Schinoussa was voted by Forbes magazine as one of the six places you should visit in Greece.

   As it is a popular destination for celebrities in recent years, do not be surprised if you meet a famous businessman, politician or an artist!


Traditional windmill

The Town Village

Old house (1920) in Almyros beach

Old fortress

View from the village

Traditional tavern

Local wedding

View from the village

Mersini port

The Town Village

Local Church

Biological Fava bean

Traditional Café

Local Church

Old windmill

''Aeolia'' cruise boat

Locan fishermen

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